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Jul 18, 2019

Lisa Pezik

Amazon Bestselling Author, Business Strategist, Thrive Global Author, Worldwide Speaker, and RN

DeAnne Gauya

Amazon Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Creative Energetic Orchestrator (CEO) of Gauyafit

Authenticity is becoming a more and more commonly used word - but what exactly does it mean, and how can you achieve it?

Today we sit down with Lisa Pezik and DeAnne Gauya to talk all things Authentic. They are a female powerhouse that has teamed up to enlighten hundred of people around the world on how to be authentic, how to find hidden clues, what steps you can take, and what you need to avoid doing to keep your life simple, happy and real to who you are.

Lisa uses her background as an RN to encourage people to seize the day, do the thing you have been putting off NOW because tomorrow is never promised, and you don’t have a moment to waste.

DeAnne talks us through how to align your life with your essence, so you don’t feel regret and can experience pure joy and contentment in your life and journey.

Together they have contributed to a book that shows how to dive deep and take control of your life, your heart, and your smile by honoring yourself and your deepest desires.

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The Beauty of Authenticity: Compiled by Sue Urda & Kathy Fyler, Powerful You Publishing. 

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