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Jul 4, 2019

V.C. Chickering may be the representation of greatness that we all hide inside of ourselves. Funky, outspoken and with seemingly endless creativity, she has spent her lifetime working in the creative industry and has written and worked for companies such as BUST, Cosmo, The Washington Post, MTV, Comedy Central, Lifetime,Oxygen, The BUST Guide to the New Girl Order and The Girl’s Guide to Taking Over the World.

But even as a kooky woman with immense talent, she had moments (or better yet, 2 years) of complete self-doubt when life threw its own twist and divorce took her talent and mindset hostage.

V.C. had to relearn what was valuable, how to find joy when there seemed to be none, and how to step not only into who she used to be but into an even bigger version of herself with newfound freedom.

She found new happiness and finally dared to publish her first novel. V.C. has continued to create through multiple outlets and allow the world to see itself from her funny, provocative, and refreshingly laid back point of view.

Check out her newest novel:

TWISTED FAMILY VALUES is an unpredictable 50-year, four generations, dysfunctional family romp that untangles small-town privilege, unbridled desire, and one stubborn American taboo. Chickering writes quick dialogue with wit and insight into family dynamics, sexual longing, and the waning of entitlement—just the kind of fun summer read worth ignoring the kids for.

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